Software, not wetware, now the cause of lousy Volvo drivers

Auto-maker recalls cars that might take a nano-nap on the Motorväg

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Volvo has issued a recall for cars that have buggy software.

The code flaw means that engines in about 59,000 2016-model series 60 and 70 cars sometimes stop, for no apparent reason.

The engines then restart.

Volvo's not said anything about the circumstances that trigger the stop-start problem, so we don't know if it can happen while you're hurtling down the Motorväg, munching on herring crisps and belting out ABBA songs. But the company says no accidents are known to have resulted from the glitch.

Owners of the afflicted vehicles will be notified of the problem, which Volvo says can be sorted with a brief software update.

Owners of future Volvos have a more fun upgrade to contemplate, as the company last week showed off an app designed to replace car keys. The app beams credentials to cars over Bluetooth, an arrangement Volvo thinks will be appreciated by those who find taking keys out of their pocket an onerous chore. There's no word on how this works when your phone battery goes flat. Hopefully Volvo assumes you'll keep a key handy, a reasonable assumption given Bluetooth-powered home and office locks are yet to significantly disrupt the legacy keys-made-of-matter industry. ®


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