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Dell's $67bn slurp of EMC gets green light from EU antitrust bods

Now, about that $67bn price tag on the deal

The EU has waved through the $67bn (£47bn) takeover of EMC by Dell, less than a week since the Federal Trade Commission approved the deal.

All that's left now is for Dell to find the cash to fund its purchase - more than $40bn worth of greenbacks. .

The deal came under the commissioner's scrutiny as Dell and EMC both provide data storage systems, and, in particular, external enterprise storage systems.

Dell is also active in servers based on x86 architecture. VMware, a company controlled by EMC, is a supplier of virtualization software that can be used in conjunction with these types of servers and storage products.

EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: "Given the strategic importance of the data storage sector, I am pleased that we have been able to approve Dell's multi-billion dollar takeover of EMC within a short space of time while making sure that there would be no adverse effects on customers."

The EU Commission's investigation assessed the effects of the transaction on the market for external enterprise storage systems. It also investigated the risk that the merged entity could attempt to restrict or degrade access to VMware's software for competing hardware vendors.

It found that the merged entity will have a moderate market share in the market for external enterprise storage systems and in any event the increment brought about by the merger is small.

It said that the new storage giant will continue to face strong competition from established players, such as Hitachi, HP, IBM and NetApp, as well as from new entrants. ®


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