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Samsung starts cranking out 256GB mobile memory modules

256GB in your smartphone or fondleslab at 260MB/s should shake things up nicely

Samsung has announced it's started mass production of 256 gigabyte embedded memory modules using the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0.

The storage can crank along at 850 megabytes per second or handle writes at 260 megabytes per second. You read that right: megabytes, not megabits. That means, as Samsung points out, that a mobile device equipped with USB 3.0 will be able to suck up a lot of data in a hurry over the wire. Indeed, this storage is faster than solid state disks aimed at PCs.

256 gigabytes in a smartphone sounds like a lovely idea until you consider that adding lots of memory to a device increases its cost. Which may explain why the new Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with just 32GB aboard and has restored the micro SD card omitted from last year's Galaxy S6 … despite the fact that Samsung's been making 128GB UFS memory for about a year.

Perhaps ARM-powered server-makers might be more interested than mobe-makers: the prospect of electricity-sipping but blindingly-fast memory inside very small servers has plenty of appeal, and server-buyers are willing to pay for performance.

Samsung says it has more to come in this field, promising to “... extend its premium storage line-ups that are based on its advanced V-NAND flash memory including the new 256GB UFS, and increase their production volume in line with increases in global demand.” ®


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