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Shippable dives into pipeline to get beyond continuous integration

Spinning platform as CD now

DevOps and conitnuous integration outfit Shippable has restyled itself as an end-to-end delivery platform, with tighter Git integration, container support and expanded cloudy options.

The vendor has been pushing its platform into the continuous integration space for a couple of years, and recently bolstered its top ranks with a raft full of “software industry luminaries”.

Yesterday, it launched its continuous delivery platform, which it said would eliminate misery in the form of “the need to create custom automation and integrations” and freeing up software teams to spend more time creating new product features. *

In a blog posting, co-founder and VP Manisha Sahasrabudhe wrote: “You can now go beyond CI and set up your deployment pipelines with Shippable...Our pipelines are fully integrated with the existing CI workflows, so you can set up the complete end-to-end workflow where you commit code, which triggers CI, which triggers a new deployment for your application or service.”

A cloud adapter gives the choice of multiple clouds, including Amazon, Azure, and Google, as well as PaaS and IaaS providers, while integration to various Git services, notification providers, and container platforms are also provided.

Of course, some people might want to actually use their own infrastructure, and Shippable supports this too.

The vendor say wannabe users can have unlimited builds with one deployment pipeline for free, $10 per month for each additional build and another $10 per month for three additional pipelines. Enterprise pricing and support plans are also available, which we’re presuming will quickly add a few zeros to the end of those costs.

Shippable has snagged a few rounds of finding since kicking off in 2013. Last month it took on Google Kubernetes cofounder Joe Beda as an advisor, and Microsoft dev veteran Charles Fitzgerald as a board member. It also pulled in Microsoft and Hortonworks vet Matt Carter as vp of marketing. ®

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* We’re reminded of Mrs Doyle raising the question, “Maybe I like the misery...”

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