Oracle's JET flies into open source skies

JavaScript for the masses

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Oracle has published the code for its long-awaited open source JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) version 2.0.0.

If you're interested in looking over the code at GitHub, here's what Big Red says is in the box: a full JS development toolkit, SPA template-based lifecycle management, two-way binding with a common model layer, single-page app navigation and mobile support.

Open source libraries used with JET include jQuery, the jQuery UI, Knockout, RequireJS and Hammer.

There's a cookbook here for those who want to taste-test the toolkit.

Mobile functions include a library of supported gestures, native iOS and Android headers, and native themes for iOS, Android and Windows.

Alas, with any new project, there are bound to be slips. Messages posted to the JET forums are currently complaining that its demonstrator template, called yeoman, isn't working.

JET has been published under the Universal Permissive License. ®

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