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Speaking in Tech: Down rounds, fleeing techies - how to spot a startup death spiral

With Storagezilla, EMC's Chad Sakac, NetApp's Amy Lewis


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Want to hear a funny wrap-up of everything important that happened in the tech world this week? Enterprise storage and consumer kit gurus Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela are joined by a few of their favourite guests to celebrate four years and 200 episodes as they discuss the startup bubble, Cisco getting hyper ("If cisco gets aggressive in the storage space, it must be a leap year") and EMC’s Quantum leap. Their special guests this week are Chad Sakac, President of VCE, Mark Twomey (AKA Storagezilla) of EMC and Amy Lewis of NetApp and Geek Whisperers.

The details...

  • (1:00) Big 200th episode
  • (4:33) VC’s are wising up to the bubble
  • (10:32) How to value a startup
  • (13:40) Startup death spiral: Fighting gravity
  • (19:22) Signs that your startup is about to die
  • (23:24) Sources: Cisco and Springpath jump into hyper-converged (since confirmed)
  • (29:40) Is Cisco serious about storage?
  • (34:32) EMC’s “Quantum Leap”
  • (41:44) Chad’s big leap to VCE
  • (50:46) Episode 200: Self indulgent reflections

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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