If NatWest texts you about online banking fraud, don't click the link

It looks pukka but it's actually fraudsters, warns watchdog

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British customers of the NatWest bank should be on their guard against a particularly convincing SMS-based phishing scam, Action Fraud warns.

The spoofed texts being sent out by fraudsters “could catch you out if it appears in an existing message thread,” the UK's national fraud & cyber reporting centre advised on Wednesday.

Reg reader Nicholas was among those targeted by the link-containing message. He was concerned that fraudsters had managed to get their hands on his mobile phone number in the first place.

“I have received two text alerts from NatWest, coming in from their ‘official’ SMS number, advising me that there has been ‘unusual activity on my on-line banking account’ and advising me to log into my account,” Nicholas told El Reg.

“I am concerned how the fraudsters can spoof the text alerts to a valid NatWest telephone number and also how they have managed to get my own mobile phone number.”

NatWest’s own advice about SMS phishing scams can be found here. ®


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