Clive Sinclair Vega+ tin-rattle hits £300,000

ZX Spectrum retro gaming console a big Indiegogo hit

Sir Clive Sinclair has tin-rattled his way to a wallet-bulging £300,000 towards production of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+, just three weeks after launching his Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

The Vega+ is enthusiastically described as "the world's only hand-held LCD games console with 1,000 licensed games inside that can also connect to your TV!!" The games in question are original Sinclair ZX Spectrum entertainment, and the Vega+ can run "every Spectrum game that exists, 14,000 or more of them from the past".

To achieve this at a £100 "budget" price, Sir Clive and Retro Computers have deployed "a fast but low cost micro-controller with software designed and developed by a leading world expert on Sinclair Spectrum technology". The kit also benefits from the expert touch of Rick Dickinson, designer of the original ZX Spectrum computers.

In hitting £300k, the team has raced past the £155,677 it raised last year for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega, and is now on course to achieve "one of the most successful Indiegogo Campaigns of all time", according to a celebratory press release.

Sir Clive explained that "the present surge of interest in retro products inspired me to plan the Vega+ as a handy games console which can be played anywhere", and as of this morning, 2,779 Indiegogo backers have pledged hard cash in support of old school gaming. ®

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