DDoS protection biz Incapsula knackers its customers' websites

An unwelcome PITSTOP

Glitches at distributed denial-of-service mitigation biz Incapsula left the websites it defends offline twice on Thursday. Incapsula blamed "connectivity issues" for the global PITSTOP, aka the worldwide degradation of its services.

"A rare case triggered an issue on the Incapsula service and caused two system-wide errors at 9:44 UTC and 14:50 UTC making sites inaccessible," a spokeswoman told us. "The issue was identified immediately and actions were taken to contain it and restore service. The root cause has been identified and the Incapsula development and ops teams have corrected the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers."

The data center security firm elaborated on the situation on its system status page and in a string of tweets.

Affected sites included the blog of IT security industry veteran Graham Clulely. He tweeted: "Apologies to those trying to get to my site. @Incapsula_com is down for the second time today, bring my site with it." ®

Incapsula Incapsulating Thursday's problems


PITSTOP – Partial Inability To Support Totally Optimal Performance: Not quite a full TITSUP, which is a Total Inability To Support Usual Packets.

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