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Cloud Native Computing Foundation adopts Kubernetes

Google-derived container code transferred to foundation as its first project

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) formed last December has fired its first shot in anger, by deciding that Kubernetes is worthy of its community-coddling and standard-creating assistance.

The CNCF formed under the auspices of the Linux Foundation and aims to cook up container-oriented and microservices-centric efforts.

Kubernetes is a fine place for the foundation to start, because it is a container orchestration tool that makes it possible to string containers together into something that more or less looks, walks and quacks like an application even though it comprises different nuggets of independent code.

Google developed Kubernetes and uses versions of it in production. As we reported in 2014, the company creates a couple of billion containers a week. So Kubernetes has good genes if nothing else!

The CNCF operates a Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) and Kubernetes' intellectual property will be transferred into its hands. That Committee says this is just the start: it plans to embrace plenty more tools real soon now and turn the microservices/containerisation caper into standards we can all wield when building apps to run in clouds or at cloud scale. ®

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