Centerprise International recruits channel vet to apply commercial balm

Jon Atherton bags directorship at Basingstoke-based tech supplier

Distribution veteran Jon Atherton has rocked up at Centerprise International as group commercial director, the company has confirmed.

Founder and owner Rafi Razzak, told El Chan his new hire will oversee vendor management, commercial marketing and the specialist distribution business.

“We’ve created a new post, in the past this job was fragmented and handled by multiple people. We wanted to bring those responsibilities under the control of one person,” he said.

Atherton, who will report to the board, previously spent two decades at EntaTech and subsequently worked for a relatively short period at Exerts.

Centerprise has a foothold in numerous sectors, selling managing services, configuring and assembling computing gear for public and private sector punters, reselling vendors “solutions” and distributing specialist kit including rugged books.

In the year ended 31 August 2015, the business turned over £56.11m in sales, down from £59.6m in the prior fiscal, but reported pre-tax profit of £1.72m, up 26.2 per cent, aided by a drop in admin expenses.

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