Jump aboard our load balancing Maglev, Google tells devs

Named after the really fast bullet train. Geddit?

Google will open-source its super-duper load balancing Maglev tool to developers – a move that will also bolster its own infrastructure developments.

In a blog post Google said it has a history of building its own networking gear, "and perhaps unsurprisingly, we build our own network load balancers as well, which have been handling most of the traffic to Google services since 2008."

It claims the Maglev – which shares the name of Japan's fastest bullet train – can serve a million requests per second "with no pre-warming."

It said on Google Cloud Platform, customers have the flexibility to move their workloads between zones and regions. "This means that the mix of services running in any particular cluster changes over time, which can also lead to changing demand for load balancing capacity."

"As a developer on Cloud Platform, you don’t need to worry about load balancing capacity. Google’s Maglevs, and our team of Site Reliability Engineers who manage them, have that covered for you. You can focus on building an awesome experience for your users, knowing that when your traffic ramps up, we’ve got your back."

Google has open sourced a number of its projects, claiming to have released 20 million lines of code and over 900 projects. ®

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