nbn special: See the FTTN and HFC cabinets coming to your street

Vulture South ventures into the fibre-to-the-premises Goldilocks Zone

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Reg Roadtrip Last week, The Register was invited on a tour of new installations comprising part of Australia's national broadband network (NBN).

nbn, which is building the NBN, paid for an airfare, buses and lunch. nbn also provided some of the photos in the video below, which shows key pieces of the NBN.

You'll see a phone exchange rigged up for the NBN, a fibre-to-the-node node and the new cabinets that make it possible to use hybrid fibre-coax to serve blocks of flats. You'll also learn why some homes will get fibre-to-the-premises at massive expense while others miss out.

We've written about the day here and here, but felt there's only so much one can do with words alone.

So let's roll tape ...

Youtube Video


Do let us know what you think of the video, which is a Reg exploration of new ways to cover news. We chose this road trip because video journalism is all about taking viewers to places you may not be able to reach by yourself.

For the curious, the video is a a Soundslides Plus presentation, exported as an MP4 and then poured into YouTube. Photos came from a Galaxy S6 Edge and a professional photographer hired by nbn. Sound was recorded with a Zoom H2 and edited in Audacity.

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