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Gang of five plans extensions to Redfish management spec

Dell, HPE, Intel, VMware and Microsoft target BIOS, PCIe and storage management

The Redfish data centre management standard looks like it will be updated with its first set of extensions by the middle of the year.

Dell, Intel and HPE have all revealed that they've joined an effort called “Chinook” to advance the standard, along with Microsoft and VMware.

The enhancements the five companies want will add “work in PCIe Switch, BIOS and local storage models” to the standard.

Redfish is the successor to the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and was developed because its backers feel IPMP can't do the job at cloud scale. Redfish offers an API that allows users to collect performance data from heterogeneous server fleets. Adding the ability to process more sources of data to the standard should make it more useful.

Intel and HPE write that the Chinook group's work is largely complete, has been submitted to the Scalable Platform Management Forum (SPMF), the sub-group of the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) that oversees Redfish.

The Chinook members hope that their work will be accepted by other DMTF and SPMF members by mid-2016, when it is hoped the new efforts will be released as extensions to Redfish. ®

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