GitLab upgrade takes aim at Kubernetes

Issues can be confidential, moved, or just plain deleted

GitLab claims to have smoothed deployment to Kubernetes and introduced “confidential issues” in the latest release of its code management platform, 8.6.

Top of the list of features in the latest rev is deployment from GitLab CI direct to Kubernetes, with the integration of Redspread’s CLI tool Spread. GitLab said this will allow deployment to Kubernetes without the need for additional scripts - although you will need to use GitLab Runner 1.1 which should be “released as stable” tomorrow.

The vendor has also put limits on exactly how open it wants to be, in the shape of “confidential issues”. These means the “issue” will only be visible to the project members and the issue raiser.

“This means people can now safely report security issues to your open source projects,” the blog said. “You can communicate with them right there and then, without having to rely on external applications.”

More openly, so to speak, you can keep up with particular issues but subscribing to a label. If you’re fed up with a particular issue, you can now delete it by hitting...delete. [We’re sure this is more revolutionary than it sounds.]

You can also shift issues between projects - though we’re sure noone would be so unscrupulous as to “resolve” an issue using this feature.

You can peruse the full list of changes and performance improvements here.

The company added that some migrations might require downtime, singling out “very large instances running PostgreSQL”. ®

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