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Free x86 mainframes for all! Virtual x86 mainframes, that is

Unisys' ClearPath and OS2200 are yours for the downloading and running under Windows

Unisys's ClearPath colosso-servers may have finally moved from the weirdness of CMOS to the mundanity x86, but the servers and their operating systems still remain rather exotic and therefore not the kind of thing the curious often get to prod.

But it's come to the attention of The Register's virtualisation desk that Unisys has a virtual Windows version of its ClearPath and OS2200 operating systems, yours for the downloading (after registration) here and here.

The “Express” editions of the operating systems are intended for “Students, teachers, hobbyists and ClearPath enthusiasts,” who Unisys hopes will use it “for educational and leisure purposes.” Users who need development resources are also more than welcome.

Unisys recommends workstation-grade machines with a pair of processors, at least 4GB of RAM and 64-bit Windows 7 or 8.1.

OS 2200 Express is free. ClearPath Express is also gratis, but requires annual re-licensing. ®

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