Commentard April Fool decries Blighty's dodecaquid

'Why is this article still on the site?' asks 12-sided muppet

There's absolutely no shame in being taken in by a nicely crafted April Fools' Day spoof, but one Reg reader will be spending the next year in the corner sporting the big pointy "D" hat after crying foul over Blighty's magnificent 12-sided pound coin.

As we reported last Friday, the Royal Mint has started pumping out the retro-style dodecaquid, and if you hadn't already heard of it, you might have been forgiven for briefly suspecting we were pulling your plonkers.

However, a quick click on the supplied link to the government press release revealed that all was indeed as it seemed.

Alternatively, though, why not ignore the evidence and then create a commentard account purely for the purpose of protesting? Yes, "sanwin", we're looking at you, and your posts this morning demanding the removal of the article on the grounds of expiry:

Sanwin's posts regarding the 12-sided quid story

Oh dear, oh dear. We suggest you redirect your attention here. ®

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