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Nest bricks Revolv home automation hubs, because evolution

Kit turned to paper weights, devs sucked into Googleplex and customers furious

Google Nest is set to brick $300 Revolv home automation hubs after buying out staff and abandoning the project.

The software giant acquired Revolv for its talent in October 2014 and next month will drop support for the smaller company's smart home device.

The decision means that as of May 15th the Revolv hub become paperweights.

A statement on Revolv's site informs customers that their devices are no longer covered by warranties.

Nest execs say in a statement only that Revolv was "a great first step" but that Works with Nest is a "better solution" demanding of its resources.

Chief executive Arlo Gilbert of Texas-based app developer Televero and Revolv customer says the home automation company's move is a "pretty blatant f**k you" to buyers.

"On 15 May, my house will stop working; my landscape lighting will stop turning on and off, my security lights will stop reacting to motion, and my home made vacation burglar deterrent will stop working," Gilbert says.

"That’s a pretty blatant f**k you to every person who trusted in them and bought their hardware.

"It is also worth pointing out that even though they have my email address, the only way a customer discovers this home internet-of-things mutiny is to visit the Revolv web site."

Customers have laid into a Revolv on Twitter claiming the company has sold customers short.

Gilbert questioned whether internet-of-things gadgets will be subject to similar abrupt end of life.

"Is the era of internet-of-things bringing an end to the concept of ownership? Are we just buying intentionally temporary hardware? It feels like it. I own a Commodore 64 that still works," he says. ®

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