AMD Bristol Ridge finds first home in HP ENVY x360

AMD's “Bristol Ridge” series processors are landing in laptops at last, with HP the first cab off the rank.

The chip maker has pre-announced the processor here, promising more detail about its “seventh generation” accelerated processing units (APUs) will arrive at Computex 2016 in Taipei, in May and June.

As well as HP's upcoming ENVY x360, AMD says other OEMs will have its 7th-gen A Series processors in products in time for Computex, and expects the chip to be in ultrathins, convertibles, and all-in-one laptops.

While it's currently light on detail, the company says the Bristol Ridge processors offer sharper graphics, high performance, new security features, and better energy efficiency than their predecessors. It says the chip offers 10 per cent better performance than 2015's Carrizo iteration.

Bristol Ridge comes in dual and quad versions based on the Excavator CPU cores and Radeon R5 or R7 graphics, and AMD has more information here. ®

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