Cisco slots in Xeon v4s

Cisco has decided to adopt Intel's new Xeon E5-2600 v4 CPUs.

The Borg has blogged that it plans to slip the v4 into UCS-mini and UCS-M, just one of many announcements from server-makers that always follow the release of new Intel silicon.

The interesting bit is that Cisco has found a way to put the v4 into a cartridge so it can be slotted into, or taken out of, a UCS M-series server in line with its Composable Infrastructure plans. That jargon refers to servers that can be upgraded in chunks and which are rigged to be more software-definable. Think virtualisation with deeper hardware hooks and you'll get the idea.

All will be revealed late this year when the M-series emerge blinking into the sunlight and we see just how Cisco gets the v4 into a cartridge. ®

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