Florida weed suspect cuffed after hoverboard pursuit

Not the most effective getaway vehicle

A Florida drug suspect proved last weekend that so-called hoverboards are not an effective means of escape from law enforcement officials when he was cuffed following an unsuccessful attempt to evade arrest aboard the electric getaway vehicle.

According to The Smoking Gun, 20-year-old Jerome Dennis was clocked by an officer at what the policeman described as a "known drug residence" in Clearwater, in the state's Tampa Bay area, on Sunday evening.

Allegedly emitting a "strong odor of marijuana", the suspect took to his wheeled platform when confronted by the officer.

Evidently unimpressed with the hoverboard's evasive capability, Dennis ditched it and continued on foot, to no avail.

The perp was subsequently arrested on suspicion of being in possession of marijuana.

He has previous form for "possession of cocaine and marijuana", according to The Smoking Gun. ®

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