Intel restructures financial reporting to 'provide visibility'

Not drowning under-performing products, waving happily about the whole business. Really.

Intel has announced that it's going to radically revise the segmentation it uses for financial reports.

Chipzilla has announced the template here.

It's got nothing to do with trying to highlight better performing segments and isolate its flatlining PC processor segment, really. It's all about providing “visibility into the new model”.

From now on, Intel will report results for the following segments:

  • Client Computing Group (CCG)
  • Data Center Group (DCG)
  • Internet of Things Group (IOTG)
  • Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG)
  • Intel Security Group (ISecG)
  • Programmable Solutions Group (PSG)
  • All other, which will include the New Technology Group (NTG).

Chipzilla notes that at this stage, not all of the new segments need to be broken out. It is “electing to separately disclose the operating results of NSG, ISecG, and PSG, although none of these operating segments meets the quantitative thresholds to qualify as a reportable operating segment” – indicating, perhaps, its hopes that NSG, IsecG and PSG will rise to prominence while other segments shrink.

This year has been tumultuous for Intel, and in the last week it's announced the departure of three top-flight executives. Those desk clean-outs come after the company's desktop business dips dangerously and its mobile businesses just fail to take root.

Cynics could therefore choose to assess the "visibility" argument with an Orwellian eye. We'll know if thats the right lens to use once Chipzilla's next results land in two weeks. ®

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