.XYZ files appeal brief

A court battle between top-level domain startup .XYZ and .com operator Verisign continues, with .XYZ filing its appeal brief.

Verisign sued .XYZ in 2014 alleging trademark infringement and false advertising. .XYZ had run ads comparing its new internet addresses as a modern alternative to aged and outdated .com names.

Verisign's case was thrown out in October. Despite winning, .XYZ complained it had cost the company $1m – implying that the lawsuit is little more than a way for a larger competitor to crush its competition.

Verisign appealed the decision case to the Fourth Circuit of Appeals however, saying the judge misapplied summary judgment standards and misinterpreted factual statements. In its response, .XYZ effectively says the same as its previous filings: that it did not engage in false advertising and Verisign is manufacturing its claims. ®

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