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OpenStack 'Mitaka' materialises

Lucky 13th version of open cloud now offers one client for all OpenStack projects

The next version of OpenStack, Mitaka, has materialised.

The OpenStack-Announce list went into overdrive on Thursday to deliver news of .0 versions of projects galore.

This time around the OpenStack's made ease of use and scalability its watchwords.

As ever, it's a sprawling effort: the release notes for Nova 13.0 admit that “It can be extremely hard to mention all the changes we introduced”.

The bits the project is proudest of include an increase in the number of default settings, a change said to make it easier for implementers by removing the number of variables they need to understand and/or tweak. The Keystone identity service is held up as a prime example, as it's now promised to offer a one-step process for setting up identity management across a cloud.

Another addition is consistent calls for all OpenStack sub-projects, so that developers don't need to learn multiple APIs.

There's also a new OpenStack client, a tool from which users can drive all of the effort's sub-projects instead of requiring different clients for each.

Those with time to burn can find all the release notes here. Those among you more inclined to browse can check out the video below.

The next OpenStack summit, in Austin, Texas, is just over two weeks away at the time of writing. News of the next release will doubtless emerge at that gabfest, along with deluges of detail about Mitaka. ®

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