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Citrix asks you, yes you, to write its certification exams and courseware

They call it 'crowdsourcing'. What do you call it?

POLL Citrix has decided to crowdsource some training courses and exam questions.

The company says that its customers have clamoured for the chance to contribute want this and that its education programs will be strengthened by their contributions.

“Citrix recognizes the value of including the very latest experience and knowledge in its exams,” says the program's FAQ (PDF). “The content gathered in this program will help us leverage the valuable of the community and to bring edge skills into the program.”

Contributors can come from anywhere – even Citrix – and must hold a certification in the product they plan to document.

A Content Development Guide (PDF) explains the type of content Citrix wants and asks for wrong answers to questions to be “plausible/believable and real with respect to the technology or concept”.

Damn. There goes our idea of writing multiple choice questions with Lizard People answers.

All levity aside, The Register cannot recall another major vendor opening its training courses to outsiders in this way. Citrix might be on to something good here: who knows better what matters than users? Or it might leave itself open to accusations of penny-pinching, plausible given recent financial wobbles, or of devaluing content and exams that don't come cheap.

What do you think about Citrix's actions? We've cobbled together a poll so you can vote on the topic. Or hit the comments with actual words, arrayed into sentences. ®

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