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Datera offers Amazon EBS-alike for private and public clouds

Startup decloaks with DevOps API-driven flash-first elastic storage

The latest storage startup to shed its stealth cloak is Datera, which says it has an Amazon EBS-like storage software offering for DevOps users' private or public clouds.

Datera's Elastic Data Fabric (EDF) is software with a RESTful interface – it has an API-first strategy – and provides dynamic policy-based scale-out, block-access storage with self-service provisioning, and support for hyper-scale use.

Datera was founded in 2013 by CEO Mark Fleischmann, CTO Nicholas Bellinger, and Chief Architect Claudio Fleiner.* We're told the founders are the authors and maintainers of the Linux I/O storage stack. Members of their team come from Nicira, VMware, Microsoft Azure, Veritas, and EMC.

It's just taken in $40 million of funding from Khosla Ventures, Samsung Ventures and Silicon Valley luminaries Andreas Bechtolsheim and Pradeep Sindhu. That's in the third year after founding, so we guess there has been seed and possible angel funding between 2013 and now.

The product, aimed at DevOps and cloud native apps use, is being used at multiple large enterprise and service provider customers. Its software runs on x86 servers fitted with flash; the company saying it, also, has a Flash-first strategy. We're told there is iSCSI-based native integration with "OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware vSphere and container orchestration platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos."

Datera says DEDF features:

  • API-first operations to provide web-scale automation with full infrastructure programmability.
  • Policy-based configuration, leaving the details to Datera EDF so users don't need to hand-craft LUN.
  • A scale-out, grow-as-you-go model so users only buy what they need when they need it.
  • A flash-first design that delivers high efficiency and low latency (<1ms) across distributed, diverse storage media types.
  • Multi-tenancy along with quality of service for cloud-native and traditional workloads, across containers, VMs and bare-metal.
  • Heterogeneous component support for seamless scaling across different configurations and generations of industry-standard x86 servers with multiple storage media types.

A supporting quote from Florian Leibert, cofounder and CEO at Mesosphere, says: "Datera Elastic Data Fabric's architecture [complements] our Datacenter Operating System with a very low-latency and high-performance block storage system that allows container operations teams to deliver both micro-services scale and transaction speeds."

Datera EDF is available today in a "grow-as-you-go model," in both software-only and appliance versions. Starting configurations deliver 150TB of capacity with 150,000 IOPS, and seamlessly support scaling mix-and-match node configurations. ®

* Oleg Kiselev is also listed as Datera's Chief Architect on LinkedIn so it sounds as if there is a bit of titular confusion going on. We're told Oleg is on the data plane while Claudio is the control plane architect.

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