'Bring back xHamster', North Carolina smut watchers grumble

Lawmakers take one in the eye in fap-based fight-back

Famous grumble-flick site xHamster has stiffed stung North Carolina lawmakers over that state's anti-LGBT laws, shutting off their access to its various and extensive smorgasbord of smut.

In a wrinkle on what's most usually demanded – age verification – xHamster will ask users with NC-located IP addresses whether or not they support the controversial laws. NC lawmakers have proposed preventing cities from banning discrimination against LGBT citizens.

The legislation was signed into law by governor Pat McCrory on March 23.

xHamster's marketing C-class Alexander Hawkins says the adult site wants to highlight the human rights violations inherent in the bill.

The laws have mobilised a number of companies in the tech sector. Last week, PayPal put a planned expansion on ice over the laws.

Hawkins told USA Today that gay and transgender content are popular in North Carolina: more than 50,000 searches so far in 2016 included the word “gay”, and more than 48,000 NC residents searched for “shemale” content.

Bruce Springsteen has stood with the LGBT community in the state, cancelling a planned concert in the state.

Given the renowned uncertainties of IP geolocation, it's quite likely that people in the centre of Kansas (such as is related at Fusion, here) might find themselves subject to a hamster-ban - or that North Carolinans with uncertain addresses will find themselves very popular with their friends. ®

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