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HGST has an entry-level 14PB archive box... is that enough for your, er, home collection?

When you need 15 nines

Western Digital has added another HGST archive array, the SA1000, to its range of gear plus software enhancements across the product line.

The Active Archive Systems provide object storage, using acquired Amplidata software, for markets such as media and entertainment digital data preservation, life sciences data pools, and cloud backup.

The entry-level SA1000 scales from 672TB (425TB usable) to 4.7PB in a single rack, and 28.2PB (13.8PB usable), geo-dispersed across three data centers in a single name-space.

This compares to the full-size SA7000, which starts at 4,704TB (2,976TB usable). Both scale to the full geo-dispersed 3‑data center setup.

SA7000 throughput is 3.5GB/s per rack. The SA1000 can reach this depending upon specific configurations. Data durability in the SA7000 is 15 "nines" (99.9999999999999 per cent), which some SA1000 configurations can reach.

Software enhancements include scale-up, scale-out, clustering, and end-to-end security features.

The SA1000 is immediately available through the HGST channel. Get more information at and find a datasheet here [PDF]. ®

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