Zadara alters storage destiny: Object storage is written in our STaaS

Virtual private array supplier now does Swift access

The Zadara Storage Cloud, available on-premises and in the cloud (remotely) or both, has had the ZIOS Intelligent Object Store service added.

The Zadara cloud systems provide VPSA (Virtual Private Storage Array CHECK) block and file services, using FC, iSCSI, iSER, NFS, and CIFS protocols.

Its STaas (storage as a service) can be an on-premises storage array in your own data centre, with customers paying for its use and maintenance on a pay-as-you-go basis.

ZIOS adds to this by providing private object storage as-a-service.

Zadara says ZIOS provides multi-tenancy in such a way that users get "the guaranteed performance and security of single-tenancy." It is S3 and Swift-compatible and is claimed to be (pedants and anti-hypesters look away now) infinitely scalable, featuring performance scaling with capacity.

It provides several levels of administrative access and charge-back billing.

The company has also introduced 16Gbit/s Fibre Channel support, up to 3.2TB of flash cache, VMware SRM support, and 1.6TB SSDs. It has also enhanced Zadara Container Services, its Docker service.

The announcement came with a canned quote from Nick Sundby, director, storage consulting and business value practice lead at IDC, saying: "With ZIOS, the customer has the useful option of secure object storage on dedicated hardware, combined with the as-a-service pricing that many organizations prefer."

There were no pricing details provided. Check out for more information. ®

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