BT hauled into Old Bailey after engineer's 7-metre fall broke both his ankles

Poor soul fell through roof tiles, clung on until arms gave out

One-time monopoly telco BT is in court on charges brought by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after an engineer fell seven metres onto a concrete stairwell and broke both his ankles.

The three-week trial, over allegations that BT failed in its duty of care to the engineer, is taking place at the Central Criminal Court – London's infamous Old Bailey.

According to Court News UK, on Monday (11 April) the Old Bailey heard the engineer plunged onto the stairwell after crashing through ceiling tiles.

The engineer was working alone at a block of flats in Bow, east London, when he slipped and fell. As well as breaking both ankles, he suffered serious injuries to his back following the accident on 17 May 2011.

"He managed to hold himself suspended for several minutes before his arms gave out, but was unable to call for help at the flat in Tay House on St Stephen's Road," the news agency reported.

A BT spokesman said it would be inappropriate to comment on an on-going trial.

The HSE said it would issue a press release once a verdict has been reached.

The jury is scheduled to deliver its verdict on 29 April. The trial continues. ®

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