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Could you deploy a new version of your business – EVERY WEEK?

Learn how it's done in this Reg webinar with Mark Pesce, NetApp and ING Bank

PROMO ING Bank can deploy a new version of its systems ever week, agility that's a result of investments it's made in storage infrastructure from NetApp and plenty of hard work developing a DevOps culture.

If you'd like to know how the bank does it, and how snapshotting and storage virtualisation has made it possible, sign up for this Reg webinar.

The fun starts at 11:00 AEST on Tuesday, April 26th.

Hosted by Reg columnist Mark Pesce, the webinar explores the data centre choices that let you get ready for DevOps, take advantage of the cloud and improve your ability to do things like change your core code, more often, without fear.

Register for the webinar now, here. ®

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