Intel readies jobs axe

Chipzilla inheriting the woes of the PC biz

Reports suggest Intel is about to shed over 1,000 jobs.

The weak PC market is the reason for the axe-wielding, looks like taking a big toll on Intel, with The Oregonian reporting it's preparing for a big round of layoffs.

Intel has big facilities in Portland, Oregon, the aforementioned newspaper's home. The paper's report, quoting the usual “persons familiar with the matter”, says the layoffs will far outstrip the 1,100 cuts that emerged in July 2015.

The report says cuts in some business units will reach “double digit percentages”.

PCs still account for 60 per cent of Chipzilla's revenue, but that market's been stung by the double-whammy of consumers who are reluctant to upgrade, and the growing power and popularity of mobile devices – a market that Inte's failed to make a dent in.

The Oregonian attributes the decision to cut staff to ex-Qualcomm recruit Venkata Renduchintala, who believes there are “schedule and competitiveness gaps” in Intel's products.

Scheduling has become problematic for Intel as it tries to keep Moore's Law on life-support, and it recently abandoned its famed “tick-tock” methodology to cope with delays in its shift to 10 nm fabrication processes.

The Intel C-suite has also been fluid in recent times, with departures in its mobile, PC, and Internet of Things divisions.

The Oregonian reckons that might not be the end of the shake-up, saying other executive roles are “in flux”. ®

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