Law prof Lessig cuffed

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We are all equal in the eyes of the law. Which helps explain how both Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessing and hippie ice cream makers Ben and Jerry ended up being arrested in the same spot this weekend.

The author of Code is law and highly unsuccessful presidential candidate, Lessig was in Washington DC as part of the Democracy Spring group. The group has been staging a week-long sit-in around the Capitol building to argue for reform to the political financing system. Likewise, Mr Cohen and Mr Greenfield (Ben and Jerry respectively) were there to lend their support.

All three of them, along with another roughly 300 people were arrested for "unlawful demonstration activities," processed at the scene and then released. They reportedly paid a small fine.

The protests – called "Democracy Awakening" – are largely centered on the exclusion of voters in the political process and the excessive role that money increasingly plays in US politics.

Protestors also have a shopping list of other issues, however, including: climate change action, educational and immigration reform, fair pay, safe water and, you know, peace. ®


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