ESA seeks resident space artist

Innovative concepts invited to bridge art and science

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The European Space Agency (ESA) is seeking a resident artist with the Right Stuff to "explore the fertile ground between art and space science".

ESA - in association with Ars Electronica and the European Digital Art and Science Network - is inviting applications for its art&[email protected] gig, which is "open to artists to propose innovative concepts and ideas in art and technology".

The agency elaborates: "The wide range of disciplines that can be considered include interactive art, digital music and sound art, computer animation, film, and visual effects, digital communities and social media, hybrid art, performance and choreography, and digital design."

Applicants (18 years or over) should submit "a short video introducing themselves and describing the themes they would like to investigate during their residency at ESA", as well as outlining "a possible concept and plan for the artwork they would like to create". Wannabe space artists will also need to provide "a draft production plan with cost estimate for the realisation and timeline", and "a selected portfolio showcasing significant works".

Submissions must be made here, in English, by 23:59 Central European Summer Time on 6 June. The ultimate winner - as selected by an "international jury" - will first spend between two and six weeks at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in the Netherlands, "to become acquainted with ESA's space science programme and interact with one or more scientific mentors, chosen on the basis of the art project’s focus".

He or she will then enjoy a month at Ars Electronica in Austria, to "develop and create new work inspired by their ESA residency".

The residency comes with a fee of €3,000, plus accommodation and travel. Mark McCaughrean, Senior Science Advisor at ESA’s Directorate of Science, said: "Ultimately, science and art are different manifestations of the same human urge to enquire, explore, and understand our place in the Universe.

"In recent years, we’ve enjoyed working with artists, musicians, and other creative individuals inspired by our missions to help open wider engagement with the public, and this exciting collaboration with Ars Electronica will take things to the next level." ®

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