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SpectraLogic debuts big, bad exabyte-tastic temple of tape

Large library supports LTO, IBM and Oracle formats

SpectraLogic has announced the largest tape library in the world, the TFinity ExaScale Edition, with an exabyte of capacity in a single footprint storage system using current media technology.

It is also the industry’s first tri-mode library, with support for LTO, IBM TS1150 and Oracle T10000 A, B, C and D format tape drives.

The library uses Spectra’s High Performance Transporter fast robotics to get cartridges to and from drives faster.

This tape temple features:

  • Faster TeraPorter* with 2x speed increase to 160ips to move tape drive packs (9 or 10-slot TeraPack) into and out of the library
  • Up to 14 Terapacks can be imported/exported in a single operation
  • Dual Robot operations
  • Parallel AC power input – no input power phasing requirements for N+1 power redundancy
  • SlotIQ – uses empty space nearest tape drives to speed performance
  • MediaIQ – sorts and optimises cartridge move commands based on robot’s location
  • Cold Storage – groups can now vault infrequently accessed tapes inside the library so they become “invisible” to the application, reducing costs and allowing easy retrieval
  • TFinity_ExaScale

    TFinity ExaScale Edition

  • Optional custom skins for personalisation
  • Spectra’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway enabled
  • Highest cartridge exchange performance roadmap of any tape library system
  • Most floor space efficient footprint of any tape library
  • UP to 44 frames from previous 40-frame limit

NASA has deployed a Spectra TFinity ExaScale Edition in its production HPC environment. The organisation has more than 500PB of data stored in Spectra libraries.


High Performance Transporter

Existing Spectra TFinity customers can upgrade to some or all of the TFinity ExaScale Edition product’s features. The specs can be checked out here and an interactive brochure here. ®

* The TeraPorter is a vertical arm inside the library. It’s used to position the robot picker at a cartridge slot chamber or drive.

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