Druva fills luggage with cash, heads to Japan

Chasing rising business in Land of the Rising Sun

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Startup Druva has taken in fresh funding to pay for expansion into Japan.

The company's InSync products protect corporate end-points – notebooks and the like – and it has lately expanded to protect cloud apps.

It has set up a subsidiary in Japan, building on existing reseller and MSP deals, and opened an office in Tokyo. NTT Finance has made a strategic investment in Druva and the money will be used to build out Druva's operations in the region.

Druva first localized its solutions for Japan a year ago, and the Japanese operation will provide support and training for reseller partners and customers. It will tailor its product roadmap to fit in with specific data protection-related requirements in Japan.

The company achieved the highest overall product score in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup report. It has some 4,000 customers and protects data on some 3,000,000 devices.

Druva's founders explain that The word "druva" means door in Urdu. NTT Finance is helping the startup open a doorway into Japan. But to ruin our analogy Druva's founders explain that “Druva” means “North Star” in Sanskrit - the sacred language of Hinduism. Drat it. ®


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