NexentaEdge gets persistent for Docker containers

Adds native block services and Cinder drivers for OpenStack

Nexenta has upgraded its NexentaEdge scale out block and object store to add persistent storage to Docker containers, and support native block device services, so hyper-converged OpenStack Nova nodes can run directly on a NexentaEdge cluster.

NexentaEdge includes additional performance optimisations for all-flash and hybrid configurations.

To fully automate deployment and configuration of NexentaEdge nodes in Canonical OpenStack environments, Juju Charms are available.

Additional product enhancements include:

  • Cinder drivers for OpenStack Icehouse, Juno, Kilo, Liberty and Mitaka releases, with full integration in the OpenStack Mitaka release
  • For hybrid configurations, NexentaEdge leverages SSDs in each storage node to coalesce random write IOs and serialise the data that is pushed to back-end disks
  • Performance profile-based software deployment and streamlined management through self-documenting REST APIs and cluster CLI
  • Detailed NexentaEdge configuration guidelines for Cisco, Dell, HPE, Lenovo and Supermicro servers, and Arista, Cisco, Dell, Mellanox, Pluribus and Supermicro networks

NexentaEdge runs directly on raw physical devices in its storage nodes, eliminating, Nexenta says, the complexity and performance overhead of local file systems on these devices.

The company has picked up a good UK reference customer for NexentaEdge: “We selected NexentaEdge as our scale-out storage solution to support a petabyte scale OpenStack cloud for the university,” said Dr. Paul Calleja, director of the High Performance Computing Service (HPCS) at the University of Cambridge.

NexentaEdge’s perpetual license lists from $0.15/GB to less than $0.10/GB at capacity plus maintenance and support. It's available for purchase directly from the Juju Charms Store or from a Canonical sales rep. ®

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