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Filer funfest: HDS buffs up its VSP product on four fronts at once

Adds native NAS, VVOLs, analytics and cloud tiering to big iron array

HDS has added native NAS, VVOLs, analytics and cloud tiering to its big iron VSP G-series array.

The company has an all-flash F series version of the VSP, plus a new all-flash HFS A series product

HDS has had a separate BlueArc-based NAS product for some time. The HNAS 4000 series offers between two and eight nodes and its maximum usable capacity ranges from 4PB to 16PB.

Now the VSP G400, 600 and 800 each get two native file storage modules added, but the entry-level G200 and high-end G1000 misses out on this filer funfest. Thus means the three mid-range G products have native file and block access services.

The G series also gets Data Migrator to the Cloud (DM2C) software for content-aware data management policies to have data to ensure that data can be automatically tiered off the VSP to other systems; what HDS calls private, public or hybrid cloud platforms. HDS says this can free up Hitachi Accelerated Flash for more important data, presumably as older data gets declining access rates so it can be siphoned off.

HDS has climbed aboard the array analytics train (thank you Nimble InfoSight) with Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA). This software identifies opportunities to improve VSP array products “performance and reduce risk through intelligent analytics with preemptive alerts.” HDS says it “proactively identifies, diagnoses and helps resolve potential performance and capacity issues across the entire Hitachi VSP Family, including third party storage.”

They also get full VVOLs support and simplified VMbackup, recovery and cloning services for vSphere environments.

There are no details available on the VSP embedded NAS technology's capacity, performance, pricing or availability, in typical HDS announcement fashion. Ditto pricing and availability for the analytics and DM2C software. ®

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