Continuous Lifecycle: Conference full, few seats left in workshops

So that's what it's like selling hot cakes?

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We did warn you they were selling fast, but we’re sold out of conference tickets for Continuous Lifecycle. So, if you missed out, we're really sorry.

However, we do have a few spaces left for our all-day workshops, meaning you can still dive deep on key topics.

Automation is clearly a thing, as is continuous delivery, and codecentric’s Bastien Spannenberg and Felix Massem will be considering both. Their hands-on all day session will take you through tools such as Ansible, Vagrant, and Jenkins.

Ocelot Uproar’s Ben Hall will cover how to build and put into production applications and systems which utilise container tech, and how they work in production and the real world, from identifying patterns to debugging production issues.

If you’re convinced of the need to adopt DevOps, and are just working out how to apply it to your organisation, you’ll want to consider DevOps Liftoff - Agile, Lean and IT Service Management. Ranger4’s Daniel Breston will take you from identifying how DevOps applies to your organisation, to putting in place, getting the board on board, to the day it all finally goes LIVE.

And of course, there will be full reports from the event appearing on The Register and over at our partner Heise. It won’t be as good as being there of course, but there’s always next year... ®


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