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Nexsan in transports over added sync and share

Hopes it will sync and swim to growth with Transporter tech

Nexsan has added acquired Connected Data’s Transporter file sync’ and share technology to its NST file storage array, called the combined product UNITY.

Nexsan is the renamed Imation, and it acquired Connected Data and its Transporter product in October last year.

Transporter provides private cloud file synchronisation and sharing using peer-to-peer storage devices - Transporters. These can hook up to a back-end NAS array courtesy of a Network Storage Connector.

This has been used to integrate Transporter with the Nexsan NST array and develop the resulting UNITY product. The arrays are hybrid flash and disk, offer file and block access and scale from 13TB up to 5PB. They now have secure remote access via the Transporter devices.

Using them, data is in sync across multiple sites and locations with content secured through encryption at rest and in-flight, with self-encrypting drives and encryption keys. The technology is designed to support mobile devices to tablets, laptops and desktops running Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

Nexsan suggests public cloud-based sync and share alternatives, such as Dropbox and Box, are less secure.

Get a UNITY datasheet here (pdf). ®

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