Adblock+ has cake, eats it

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Web ad stripper Adblock Plus is teaming up with micro-payments biz Flattr to create Flattr Plus, which aims to sprinkle some money on web writers and online creative types.

The idea is that you give Flattr Plus a bunch of cash a month, it takes a cut and then distributes what's left to the websites you visit the most. Adblock Plus will, of course, continue to kill adverts on those sites unless they serve "acceptable ads".

And yes, of course, Adblock Plus charges larger websites for the privilege of not having their ads blocked. And it will take a cut of payments to those sites.

“Our goal with Flattr Plus is to finally evolve the Web into what it was supposed to have been to begin with: a place for creators to meet their audience, and a mechanism for audiences to directly and sustainably support creators,” said Peter Sunde, cofounder of Flattr and previously of the, er, The Pirate Bay.

A beta version of Flattr Plus is due to launch in the summer, and the whole thing to go live by the end of the year. ®


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