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Dell to change name to 'Dell Technologies'

Except for PCs, which will still be called 'Dell', and enterprise, which will be 'Dell EMC'

Michael Dell has written to his staff to tell them that Dell will soon become known as “Dell Technologies”. Except for the bit of Dell that sells PCs, which will be called “Dell”, and the bit that sells to the enterprise, which will be called “Dell EMC”.

Confused? Here's how Dell the man said it in his letter:

“Dell Technologies will include the combined technologies, companies and brands of Dell, EMC, VMware, Pivotal, SecureWorks, RSA and Virtustream.

Our Client Solutions business will be branded Dell. The brand equity in the Dell PC is irreplaceable. Our combined enterprise business will be named Dell EMC. Both companies stand for something very special to you and our customers. And our combination is absolutely about bringing together the very best of us both.

Get it? We're not sure we do. Dell the man does: he has a vision for “... a strategically aligned family of businesses that brings together our customers’ entire infrastructure - from hardware to software to services, from the edge to the core to the cloud - so they don’t have to.”

“We will be the leaders in traditional technology of today and cloud-native infrastructure of tomorrow.”

He also hinted at some changes, with this utterance:

“Importantly, we’ll also align our capabilities across our family of businesses where it makes strategic sense to deliver integrated solutions in areas like public, private and hybrid cloud, and security, and in seamless technology infrastructure from the industry’s leading converged platforms to the sensors, gateways, PCs and Virtual PCs at the edge of the Internet of Things. Ultimately, we’ll be in our strongest position ever to ensure the success of our customers and partners, today and into the future.”

“All together, we are Dell Technologies,” the letter concludes. “I think it has nice ring and I hope all of our team members, customers and partners feel included under our family umbrella and are as excited as I am about what is coming next.”

The Register can scarcely contain itself with excitement, because re-brandings like this often mean a new logo and we do love our LogoWatch series. Maybe Dell Technologies can out-do HPE's inspirational green rectangle? ®


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