X-IO and Pivot3 talks stall

Staff futures still up in the air as X-IO tries to avoid lay-offs

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Talks between X-IO and Pivot3 about IP licensing, engineering services and potential X-IO staff moving to Pivot3 have stalled.

X-IO has been talking to Pivot3 and other companies about providing staff, IP, engineering services and other things such as product supply as a result of deciding to refocus its efforts away from building a larger all-flash array market position. That will involve a lot of risk and large amounts of money.

It's going to support its existing ISE/iglu customers and channel partners, adding Nexsan cold storage arrays to its product mix and continuing development, but not large-scale development. That capability is focussed on its new Axellio technology, intended to be sold through OEMs, ODMs and SIs. It won't need the same go-to-market functions that ISE and iglu have needed up until now, with their distribution/reseller route to market.

Consequently X-IO is looking to safeguard the interests of as many of its staff as possible.

Its CEO, Bill Miller, told us: "The company has engaged in talks with a number of potential alliance partners as it seeks to implement this strategy, including some that it hopes will absorb some of the people who will leave X-IO. As of today, none of these discussions have been finalised."

We wait for further developments. ®


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