Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tells Reg data loss 'minimal'

Not because Salesforce is an ops genius but because sales people can sleep at night's nasty outage and subsequent data loss haven't made a major impact on customers. CEO Marc Benioff has told The Register.

In a private Twitter message, Benioff told us “The amount of data lost was minimized because this was a North American instance(na14) and the loss occurred in the middle of the night.”

From which we deduce that sales people can sleep at night. Who knew?

Benioff therefore thinks you probably weren't making data during the hours Salesforce was careless enough to lose it.

If you did lose data, Benioff says “We work with customers on a case by case basis.”

Salesforce spokespeople have told us “we honor our customer contracts”, so presumably that means any penalty clauses will be activated and respected.

Sign of the Horns devil emoji

Benioff, FWIW, signed off his Twitter conversation with the Sign Of The Horns emoji, which is sometimes translated as “rock on” and sometimes seen as a sign of affection for agents of supernatural evil. Feel free to let us know which interpretation applies in this case. ®

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