'Knucklehead' Kansas bloke shoots self in foot

'Uncomfortable' gun in sock also pops cap in bystander

A Kansas high school graduation ceremony ended prematurely for two attendees yesterday when one shot himself in the foot with a concealed handgun, in the process seriously wounding another.

According to local news outlet KWCH, the incident occurred just before 2pm yesterday at Augusta High School's outdoor stadium, when a man "accidentally discharged" a small, semi-automatic pistol he was packing in his sock. Police said the weapon "was uncomfortable and he was adjusting the gun when it went off".

Either the ricocheted bullet or shrapnel then hit a woman standing around 50 feet from the shooter. The victim "was taken to Wesley Medical Center in serious condition after suffering a wound to the calf", although her family later assured she'd be "okay".

Although just how much damage the hapless shooter did to his foot is unclear, he was able to drive himself to hospital, KWCH notes.

Augusta Police Chief Tyler Brewer classified the mishap as a "knucklehead situation", CBS reports.

The authorities are now pondering what charges the gun owner may face. While he has a permit for the weapon, federal law dictates carrying firearms on school property is "illegal on campus, inside the building, or anywhere outside on the grounds". A sign noting the ban is "clearly posted at the entrance" to the Augusta High School stadium, KWCH says, although whether or not the maladroit sock-holster sap saw it "is part of the investigation". ®

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