Lloyds online banking goes TITSUP*

Bank 'aware' of issue, sorting it out 'ASAP'

Updated Customers of Lloyds have been unable to access online banking since 10am this morning,

Website monitoring site DownDetector received more than 1,500 reports since 10:05 this morning. The Lloyds Banking website currently says: "An error occurred while processing your request."

Lloyds told users on Twitter: "We're aware of an issue for some customers when trying to access our site. We're working to resolve this ASAP."

Users complained on social media:

Another commented: "Very frustrated. Need to produce 3 months of statements in the next hour and website is down. Ridiculous and unnaceptable."

One user said: "Bit hit & miss @ the moment. Tried logging in & failed, opened a second window/tab & loged in with no problem - strange to say the least."

No explanation has yet been forthcoming. The Register has contacted the bank for a comment.

A number of banks have been hit with outages over the last few years, most notoriously RBS' mega outage in 2012. In January HSBC faced a sustained denial of service attack.

According to a study by by software firm CAST, the UK is particularly vulnerable to banking outages due to the large amounts of legacy code supporting banking applications. ®

* Total Inability To Support Usual Performance


As of this afternoon, the issues do not appear to be resolved. At 2:45pm a spokeswoman said: We are aware that some of our customers are experiencing problems with accessing the public sites and we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Online banking is not affected and customers can still access via:


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