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Verizon gets activated IO to its cloud

Actifio acting as a cloud storage gateway

Verizon business customers can now back up their data to Verizon’s cloud using Actifio copy data virtualisation.

Actifio’s basic technology makes a gold copy of primary or production data and then produces virtualised instances of it whenever a file copy is needed.

The Actifio-based on-premises Cloud Backup service sucks up changed blocks from virtualised applications and sends them to Verizon’s cloud. In previous incarnations of the technology Actifio squirts the data off to a remote site to provide business continuity and disaster recovery.

Verizon is calling its offering Premise to Cloud Backup* and says once the data is in the cloud, it can be used for application test and development. It is using the Actifio tech as a pipeline so that data and apps can be moved to/from Verizon’s cloud to on-premises data centres as workload demands change.

In effect Actifio’s tech is being used as a cloud storage gateway, with customers having a hybrid on-premises/Verizon cloud IT set-up.

The canned quote from Dan Jablonski, director of cloud and IT solutions at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, went like this: “We chose Actifio’s … copy data virtualisation technology to power this new offering because it means we can now offer customers a simple, single solution to protect, move and store data in our cloud.”

Verizon's interest here seems basically to be to fill its network pipes with customer data and offer cloud storage – a compute service part of its cloud closed earlier this year.

Verizon Premise to Cloud Backup service will be available in June in North America with Europe and Asia-Pacific availability by the fall. ®

* That's the name of the product – not our words.


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