Google: 'Here to stay on business cloud... but a long way to go'

Ads slinger's Diane Greene reckons Google is a force

Google is “very serious” about enterprise cloud – according to Google’s head of enterprise cloud.

Diane Greene, Google senior vice president for enterprise business, is reported to have made the claim during a side-event at the firm’s annual I/O Conference in San Francisco, California.

And, while she didn’t name names, Greene seemed accept Google must live as an IT supplier alongside Amazon’s AWS – considered the cloud leader.

“They want to have two cloud vendors,” Green is reported to have said having taken feedback from Fortune 1,000 customers. “We are quite enterprise-ready.

“The IT industry is over a trillion-dollar industry. We will be able to support a huge portion of the IT industry with Google Cloud.”

Google is a long way behind on cloud; famed for its online services and productivity apps Google Docs, the firm has seriously dropped the baton on Infrastructure and Platform as a services.

That baton has been picked up by AWS, regarded a market leader and making $2.4bn revenue in its most recent quarter – an increase of 70 per cent – and, increasingly, Microsoft with its Azure regarded a firm number two.

The only question is whether Google is an also-ran with Oracle, IBM, SAP and other top-tier tech firms trying to make the platform play.

One things CIOs The Reg has spoken to criticised Google for is for being deficient on the kinds of support enterprises expect as standard. That is, not enough people in person or in the phone in the same time zone to whom they can speak in the event of problems.

The IT chief of a major news organisation told us he wouldn't place his IT on Google cloud when the people he might wish to reach are eight hours away and in meetings.

Greene is reported to have conceded: “There is still a long way to go... it’s clear we are here to stay, we are very serious about the enterprise.” ®

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