Hew Pack Enterprise: Our OpenStack love affair is strong, but we love Microsoft too

Cloud28+ to support Azure and Hyper V too... oh and Docker containerisation

The appeal of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Cloud28+ market was limited by its grounding in Helion Open Stack, so support for Microsoft, VMware and Docker tech was confirmed for version two launched today.

The market went live in December and has 225 members - service providers, resellers and ISVs - listing 1,000 cloud services in a catalogue for 1,500 users. It provides an open source platform to deliver cloud-based infrastructure or platform services.

Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamp, EMEA veep for hybrid IT at HPE, claimed the “community” in Cloud28+ was “very happy” with OpenStack but said legacy applications in the market were being ignored.

“We are opening it to Microsoft Azure and Hyper V from VMware. Why? The feedback from the community was they… have an installed base of customers, and want to leverage everything that was done in the past.

“Since Cloud28+ is working well, [they asked] why can’t we go further, so we said, ‘OK, we’ll go from open source to open,” Poisson added.

The idea of using an open source platform to provide IaaS and PaaS was a “little bit of a theoretical approach because the reality is that the majority of legacy, classic workloads out there are not on Open Stack,” said Khaled Chaar, MD at Cloud28+ member Pironet, Cancom’s cloud biz.

He agreed Azure and Hyper V is where a lot of the action is taking place.

The second change for Cloud28+ confirmed today was the creation of a Services Hub, so that in that in addition to a catalogue for ISVs to describe their apps, service providers their IaaS or PaaS, resellers their software integration or hybrid cloud nous, and SIs the integration, it will also include an App Centre.

The App Centre will host Dockerised apps from ISVs that can be downloaded and installed at the premise of the service provider or in a customers’ data centre, and then be deployed in production environments via Docker Datacenter being developed by the community.

Poisson said: “The question was for us how can we speed up on boarding ISVs. Content matters for innovation. Boost more ISVs so the service providers have more offers, [and] the resellers can pick the right one for integration.”

The code ISVs upload will be tested for compatibility, “we'll add some security, high availability”.

He said HPE has a “roadmap” for certification but refused to share it at the time of writing. The company confirmed it will also support non-containerised apps at some point.

The code will then be distributed, as SaaS for example, and service providers in each of the 28 EU countries will have access to them to build a service around them that complies with local laws and assures data sovereignty, HPE told us.

The changes to Cloud28+ are a nod to the multi-cloud environments that are proliferating, and workload portability. Given the pace of change happening among customers, further additions or tweaks can be expected. ®

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