New Australian data centres are like buses: none for ages then along come two at once

NextDC to break ground in Brisbane and Melbourne

Australian bit barn builder NextDC has acquired land on which it will build new data centres in Brisbane and Melbourne.

The Brisbane bit barn build will bring 6MW of capacity to the city. 1.5MW will be available when the facility reaches “ practical completion … towards the end of the second half of FY17.” The fair suburb of Fortitude Valley will house the facility, which is handily adjacent to the central business district, an electricity substation and lots of lovely telco kit.

The Melbourne facility will kick off with 2MW of capacity but will have capacity for 25MW when finished. “Practical completion”, which understand means operations can commence in some halls even if others are still full of builders, is slated for the second half of 2017.

NextDC is thought to host Azure Australia and known to host some of CenturyLink's antipodean presence.

The launches are accompanied by predictable mutterings from the company and politicians about job-creation and Australia's colossal appetite for all things cloudy, digital and secure. ®

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